How do I become a mytaxi driver?

We're making a Drive for Drivers

Are you interested in becoming a taxi driver?

At mytaxi we are making a Drive For Drivers, demand for taxis is at an all time high and we need more drivers to join our fleet nationwide.

A lucrative career as an independent taxi driver awaits and we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

Why become a taxi driver?


As a licenced taxi driver in Ireland you can earn a very healthy income. The demand for taxis in Ireland is at an all time high yet we still don’t have enough driver to meet the surging demand. All you need to do is work hard and put the hours in and you will be well rewarded.

Independence and Flexibility

As a taxi driver you get to be your own boss. You can choose the areas and times you’d like work and as the demand is there you can essentially decide how much money you’d like to earn.

There are not many professions out there that offer you the same flexibility as being a taxi driver. As an Independent Driver you get to choose your hours and what days you work. It's all your call!

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply. All you need is a valid Irish drivers licence to begin the process.


The first step to starting your life as a taxi driver in Ireland is passing your SPSV test.

The SPSV Entry Test must be passed by all applicants before they can apply for the SPSV driver licence. The SPSV Entry Test is designed to verify that you know the SPSV Regulations, that you are familiar with good practice in the industry, and that you know your area.

We have developed an online learning platform called mytaxi Manual to help you prepare and pass the test.

mytaxi Manual

mytaxi Manual is an online resource designed to help you become an accredited SPSV driver and get on the road.

This online revision platform is the most effective way to prepare for the SPSV test - with over 18,000 roads in Dublin there’s a lot to take in!

This learning platform incorporates the use of spaced repetition which automatically helps you focus on questions where you are weak. We have developed the material with the help of data from 20 million Dublin taxi journeys to identify the most important locations for taxi drivers to know. This modern approach utilises embedded Google Street View and Google Maps content to provide visual context for users while preparing for the difficult entrance exam.

If you are interested in accessing our free online training platform all you have to do is follow the link shown below.

Join the mytaxi Manual