The Ultimate mytaxi Prebook Guide

Plan ahead with mytaxi Prebook

Going somewhere? Book up to 4 days in advance with mytaxi Prebook and watch your driver arrive in real time when it’s time to roll!

How do I prebook?

  • From the main map screen, tap Booking Options.
  • Tap Where are you going? to add a destination.
  • Tap Pickup Time to tell us when you want to leave, then hit Save.
  • Tap Order a Taxi, and you'll see a confirmation screen.

That's it!

We'll let you know when a driver has accepted your request, and you can watch them arrive in real time a few minutes before your pickup time!

Check out this tap-by-tap guide to see it in action:

Note: The standard confirmation screen means your mytaxi Prebook is in our system and waiting for a driver to accept it.

For extra peace of mind, you can keep an eye on the status of your mytaxi Prebook using the mytaxi Web Booker.

How do I use the mytaxi Web Booker?

  • Click here to access the Web Booker. Note: as it’s designed for business clients, the Web Booker works best on a laptop or desktop)
  • Log in using your existing mytaxi details
  • Head to the Bookings tab
  • When your mytaxi Prebook has been accepted by a driver, you’ll see their contact information and your full trip details

Note: the Web Booker is handy for checking the status of your mytaxi Prebook journeys, but we recommend using the app itself for creating your bookings.

Any questions?

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