How to

Save Your Favourite Drivers to See Them Again

Met a great mytaxi driver?

The kind that helps you with your luggage, knows all the best shortcuts, or makes you laugh the whole way home.

If you’d like them to pick you up again, save them as a Favourite Driver! The next time you hail, select ‘Prefer Favourite Drivers’ in the Booking Options menu, and they’ll be one of the first drivers to see your request.

To save a Favourite Driver, give them and their vehicle a 5-Star rating at the end of your journey and you’ll be prompted to add them to your list.

The next time you hail, tap Booking Options, then tap Preferences, and select ‘Prefer Favourite Drivers’. Tap done, and hail as usual! If any of your Favourite Drivers are nearby and on the job, they’ll receive your request before any other drivers – and you’ll get the same great service from them once again!

The Favourite Drivers feature is a great way to build up a personal list of friendly, reliable mytaxi drivers. Give it a try after your next journey!


If you forget to add a driver straight after the journey, it’s not a problem! Visit your profile, tap Trips, and select the journey you took with the amazing driver. Tap the driver’s name, followed by Save as Favourite Driver to add them to your list. Just remember to do this within 48 hours of the end of the journey.

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