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The complete guide for mytaxi | Business corporate bookers

Please click here to access the mytaxi | Business web booker. Just pop in your details and away you go.

Click here for your complete guide to your new mytaxi web booker. If you'd prefer to watch the video tutorial, just press play on the below video. 

Top tips for using the web booker

  • Only select an employee name from the list if you are booking for a registered user on the account, leave this part blank if you are booking for a guest user and simply fill their details under the 'passenger name' section.

  • If the passenger would like to receive an SMS confirmation of their driver's arrival simply fill in the 'passenger number' field with their mobile number and tick the 'SMS confirmation' box. 

  • Use the 'message to driver' section to give your driver additional information on the booking such as a flight number.

  • Make sure you have selected the correct payment method before clicking 'order a taxi'. On mytaxi you can now select two new payment methods, debit and credit card! Please select one of these options if the passenger is paying for themselves and needs a driver that has a card machine in their vehicle.

  • '5 star taxi' will send you a driver that has a consistent 5 star rating from passengers, please be aware that this is not Hailo Exec! We will have more news on Hailo Exec coming soon. 

  • Click 'Bookings' in the top right hand corner of the screen to view live bookings on the account that have been placed through the web booker. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the contact button at the foot of the web booker or just email us at